H5-F Carbon Fibre Electric Surfboard Jetboard
H5-F Carbon Fibre Electric Surfboard Jetboard
H5-F electric surfboard
H5-F electric surfboard
H5-F electric surfboard

H5-F Carbon Fibre Electric Surfboard Jetboard

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Speed Control

The H5-F was designed to be environmentaly friendly in its riding characteristics. It has great weight distribution and can make fast turning. The rider is able to control the speed from the button on the handle during the ride.

H5-F electric surfboard

Comfortable Riding

The footpads on the dual foot bindings are ergonomically designed. Made of specialized memory foam, they firmly connect the riders to the boards, allowing the rider for jumps, airs, grabs and even flips. The footings on the board are considerately placed for ideal balance, minimizing the chances of the rider falling from the board. 
H5-F electric surfboard

Cooling System

The H5-F uses immersion cooling system which ensures all parts of the board, including the battery run at a normal working temperature while running at the max performance.
H5-F electric surfboard


  • Top Speed: 52km/h
  • Cooling Mode: Immersion Cooling
  • Shell Material: 3/12K Carbon Fibre
  • Product Size: 1750x600x165(mm)
  • Package Size: 1900x700x280(mm)
  • Board Weight 7.5kg
  • Propulsion Set Weight 8.5kg
  • Battery Weight 18.5kg
  • Total Weight 34.5kg
  • Battery Capacity: 58Ah
  • Working Voltage: 72V
  • Battery Life: 900 recharge cycles
  • Full Speed: Runtime 40 min
  • Charging Time: 4~5h
  • Carrying Capacity: 120kg

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