H2 Underwater Scooter
H2 Underwater Scooter
H2 Underwater Scooter
H2 Underwater Scooter
Havospark H2 Underwater Scooter Package Contents
Havospark H2 Underwater Scooter
Havospark H2 Underwater Scooter White

Aquajet Dive H2 Recreational Underwater Sea Scooter

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The Havospark Aquajet Dive H2 combines modern technology with intelligent design to create a diving experience unheard of in the world of DPV's. It features revolutionary wings modeled after the wings found on the most hydrodynamic planes to allow it to fly through the water with ease.  Beginner-friendly, fast and quiet, it can give the best diving and swimming experience in the water.

This is the winged vehicle that propels a swimmer on the surface and underwater up to 9m/h(5.5mph). With a sleek, hydrodynamic 3.5ft wingspan, its waterproof polymer shell houses a powerful electric motor that drives a shrouded propeller.

The nylon loops on the top of each wing accept each forearm to reach the throttle, which has been built into the leading edge of the left wing changes its three speeds (3,6,9km/h) with each squeeze of the fingers.

Tilting side-to-side provides gliding turns while nosing down/up descends/ascends.

Positive buoyancy ensures it returns to the surface.

It has such a great buoyancy and powerful thrust that it can even serve as a rescue tool in emergency situations.

It is magically powerful, yet it generates very low noise, providing a comfortable and serene underwater experience that doesn't disturb either you or any surrounding ocean life. Also it can dive as deep as 20m(60ft) under water surface.

The top front of the fuselage provides a mount for your preferred underwater action camera.

So you are free to catch the beatiful scenary and moments while you are enjoying the ride.

One hour and 40 minutes of operation from a 3-hour charge using its AC adapter, which can support a 6km-long adventure for you.

So, its time to take with you a Aquajet Dive H2 and have some great fun out in the water! 

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Adam W.
Australia Australia

The H2 DPV has been a fantastic addition to my kit. The scooter is fast, powerful and has great battery life. I recommend some WD40 lightly sprayed into the wing joins if they get a little hard to attach also I give the scooter a good flush upside down with fresh water after use and power it on. These small addditions have worked at treat for me. I highly recommend the H2 and now couldn't dive without mine. Great job Hoverstar!

Brett H.
Australia Australia
H2 Whoa!

I have been swimming with wild dolphins and sea lions for 23 years. I now have the H2 Aquajet and it is a game changer . The H2 Aquajet glides at speed above and below the water and it provides a thrill not only to me but the dolphins and sea lions as well. It’s absolutely fun and I never swim with the dolphins without it . I absolutely recommend it to all. I just love it !!

Beatriz B.
Spain Spain
My husband loves it!

It was a big surprise when I gave it to mu husband for his birthday in February 2019, he was telling friends all about it for months, and we have used it this summer in the South of Spain. We love it! Top service and very impressive technology. THANK YOU!!